These projects are the result of research conducted by class members. Each page listed below describes a particular project to include its abstract, data and findings.

Does it Make a Difference? (Victoria Wright)
Effect of Exercise on Heart Rate (Ethan)
Environmental Impact of Hand Drying Versus Towel Drying (Tracy)
The Fistula Foundation (Sohee, Nicole, Laura)
Hunger Awareness (Brittani O'Hearn and Jon Salisbury)
Impact of Cardiovascular Exercise (Clifford and Garrett)
Impact of Distance Between Food and Person(Kail)
Impact of Eating Breakfast (Chan-Young)
Impact of Eating Quickly (Minji Kim)
Impact of Exercise on Sleep (Natasha)
Impact of falsifying nutrition Data (Zachary Ward)
Impact of Leaving Food on the Table(Maeye)
Impactof Nature and Beauty (Elizabeth)
Improving India's Drinking Water (Thomas)
Improving TCA's Blacktop Playground (Brianna, Jiachen, William, Obed, Joshua)
Paper Recycling (Natasha)
Reducing Plastic Waste Through Reusable Water Bottles (Michelle)
Speed of eating influence Research(Nicole Yang)
They figured they needed a reward(modified) (Trevor)