​Health careers are varied and growing. There are over 200 health careers and approximately 5 million people employed in a health or health-related (allied health) industry. It is projected to be the fastest growing industry for the future.

Listed below alphabetically are pages that describe health or allied health careers that TCA seniors find interesting. Each career will have the name of student posting, the most updated date of posting or posting revision, and the following headings (in caps) JOB DESCRIPTION, BEST PART OF JOB, WORST PART OF JOB, SALARY RANGE, EDUCATION (Top school for career listed), FOR MORE INFORMATION (link), SOURCES (MLA format).

Interviews: The section in caps entitled "INTERVIEW" documents the discussion the student conducted with a professional in the field they are describing. Interview documentation will include the following:

  • Name and title of Individual Interviewed, Date of Interview, Interviewer's Name

  • Occupation/Employer of Individual

  • Recommended Educational/Training path

  • Most Valuable Skill for the Job

  • Outlook for this Profession for the Future

(Interviews done as videos or pod casts are given additional credit)