The purpose of this experiment was to see if the color or transparency of a bowl had anything to do with how much candy was taken out. My test subjects were about 30 TCA students in the lunchroom of the school. I alternated days where i put out bowls of candy. One day it was clear so you could see the candy inside from your seat. The other day it was a solid color so the candy inside was not visible from where the students were sitting.

The purpose/reason:
This question is the reason for this experiment. In this test I decided to see weather a clear bowl filled with a set number
of candy would have more taken out of it or a solid colored bowl. The idea behind this is if seeing the candy from a
distance (like where your sitting in the lunch room) effects how much candy is taken.

I think that if you put out free candy in any bowl at TCA then it will all dissapear because people at the school love free anything.

Independent: Color/ transparencey of bowl of candy
Dependent: How much candy is taken

1 clear bowl
1 solid color bowl
4 bags of 2 types of candy

How to do this test and its results:
Day 1
The first time I put out a clear bowl filled with 19 pieces of candy. 10 pieces were
mini mint flavored three musketeers bars and 9 mini-snickers bars. By the end of
lunch they were all gone.

Day 2
This time I put out a non-see through greenish-colored bowl. I put the same
amount of candy in as the day before; again all the candy was gone by the end
of lunch.

I repeated this process two more times that week and each time, no matter what color the bowl was I ended up with an empty bowl at the end of lunch. From this experiment alone I have concluded that weather people can see what’s in the bowl ahead of time or from there seat, or if they cant, it does not effect how much candy is taken.