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JOB DESCRIPTION:This job is an Army Health Specialist also known as a Combat Medic. The job of a combat medic is to save wounded soldiers in the field. The combat medics treat the injuries of wounded soldiers as best they can in the field until they can be sent to a real combat hospital or sent back into the fight. The medic will try to stop bleeding and mend simple wounds to make the soldier comfortable until he can be evacuated from the battle. This job's responsibilities are similar to the job of an EMT after a car crash.

BEST PART OF THE JOB:The best part of this job is you get to help save wounded soldiers in the field. You basically save their lives by stablizing and treating their injuries from combat.

WORST PART OF THE JOB:The worst part of the job is that you are dealing with some pretty sick injuries. You have soldiers that are shot and bleeding, or with their legs blown off, or dead. That is the worst part that you see such gruesome injuries. Another bad part of the job is that you are doing this while being shot at.

SALARY:  The salary depends on what rank you are in the Army.

EDUCATION: You do not need to go to college for this job. You can not go to college and still be elligble for this job. All you have to do is go through a 4 month course on basic medic training in Texas


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