Job description: A professional basketball player is a professional athlete who specifically plays basketball. A professional athletes are people with natural talent, stamina, and competitive drive. They normally have excellent reflexes and coordination and are well disciplined when it comes to rigorous practice and training.
Education: For many sports, including basketball, a college education is not necessary. Professional athletes are usually noticed by scouts who are sent to watch college and sometimes high school players.
Average salary: Depending on the skill of the player the amount a player is payed will increase or decrease, for example players such as Lebron James and Dwyane Wade will earn around $25 million a year, average players like Brad Miller will earn around $10 million a year, and rookies will earn from $800,000 a year to $2 million a year.
Best/Worst part: The best part, in my mind, of being a professional basketball player would be having everyone in the crowd cheering for me because I made a good play or made the game winning point. I have always loved the feeling that I get when everyone is happy with the job that I am doing. The worst part, in my mind, would be the opposite of what I believe to be the best part. I have never liked feeling like I am disappointing people so when everyone is booing at me because I made a bad play or caused my team to lose the game that would most likely make me upset.

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